Zsa Zsa dies two weeks after winning World’s Ugliest Dog Title

The World’s Ugliest Dog, Zsa Zsa, passed away two weeks after winning the title. The English bulldog’s owner Megan Brainard confirmed the death on Facebook saying that Zsa Zsa had passed away in her sleep.

Zsa Zsa, who turned 9 this year, was named the winner of the 2018 World’s Ugliest Dog contest in the San Francisco Bay Area just two weeks ago. The contest is in its 30th year and while it might be misunderstood at first glance, it’s actually all in fun to raise awareness of dog adoption.

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Brainard said that Zsa Zsa passed away in her sleep on Tuesday. “She’s been staying over at my dad’s house. He woke up this morning and found her passed away,” Brainard told the Today show.

English Bulldogs are known to often suffer from or are more susceptible to illness, disease and shorter life spans because of their short snouts, according to Pet Insider. Unfortunately, that was the case for Zsa Zsa.

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Brainard named her dog after actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. Like her Hollywood namesake, Zsa Zsa became accustomed to having her photograph taken because of her offbeat looks. The pup’s wide stance, teeth-exposing underbite and long tongue are among her unsightly features, but as Brainard told the New York Times, ““She is just so ugly, she’s beautiful”.

R.I.P Zsa Zsa.

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