WOOF Project: The pop-up dog adoption station

With over 800 homeless dogs finding a home in just 55 weekends of pop-up events, WOOF Project is proving that every dog has its day.

WOOF project operates as a pop-up initiative across the Cape where people can adopt homeless dogs. All the dogs originate from existing shelters and the WOOF Project provides them with the exposure needed to find a home.

“WOOF Project is an initiative of Oscar’s Arc – an NPO born to inspire dog adoption and to save dogs lives,” founder Joanne Lefson told Paws24.  Oscars Arc is named after Oscar, Lefson’s adopted dog who became the only dog to ever travel around the world, visiting 42 countries across 5 continents.

Some of the highlights of their 2009 ‘World Woof Tour’ included Oscar and Lefson walking the Great Wall of China, climbing Machu Picchu, sailing the Amazon, hang gliding over Rio and tying the knot in Las Vegas. Oscar’s acclaimed travels made him the international ambassador for homeless dogs, raising invaluable awareness for their plight.

Since its inception in March 2017, WOOF Project has taken 850 dogs off death row and placed them into forever homes. This is how you can get involved:


You can adopt a dog at any one of WOOF project’s pop-up locations on weekends and public holidays. They were based at Sea Point during June 2018 and are moving to the Nobel Square at the V&A Waterfront during July 2018. You can meet the pups over the weekends from 9am-6pm.


Taking your new best buddy home through WOOF project is as easy as 1,2,3!

  • Choose a dog that you would like to adopt at one of the ‘pop-up’ events.
  • Complete the Dog Adoption application.
  • Be prepared for a brief home check within 48 hours.


For those who are wondering why adopt a dog? The answer is quite simple. With staggeringly low adoption rates from SPCA’s of as little as 10%, thousands of fit and healthy dogs of all ages are euthanised each month. By adopting a dog, you are quite literally saving a life.

For those who are already considering getting a dog but wondering why WOOF Project? Every dog at WOOF Project is already sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped. Additionally, you can name your price when adopting a dog through WOOF Project, making it quite a cost-effective way of buying a new dog.


Source: Joanne Lefson (Founder of Oscar’s Arc and WOOF Project), Oscars Arc