What the fluff?!

A game of ‘peek-a-boo’ with man’s best friend is taking over the internet and pet owners everywhere are confusing their pups with the latest viral craze, known as the “What the Fluff” challenge.

The #whatthefluff challenge is a doggy disappearing act where owners trick their four-legged friends by disappearing behind a blanket – and it makes for some hilarious videos.

The rules are simple: As their pets look on, wannabe tricksters hold a blanket in front of them, then quickly run away as they drop it, essentially ‘disappearing’ from their dogs view.

It all began with a video featuring a girl playing this prank on her husky and the dogs startled expression and reaction as it thinks its owner vanished into thin air was video gold.

Since then many other dogs’ owners repeated the “magic disappearance” trick and filmed their pets’ reactions and videos of the prank are going viral online. The hashtag has been used over 11,000 times on Instagram alone.

Some pet owners are even trying it with their cats. But the trick is decidedly less successful when it comes to felines.

Watch a compilation of these hilarious videos below: