Trip to the beach turns deadly for one beloved dog

A trip to the beach has left a Florida dog owner heartbroken after his beloved canine friend died of saltwater poisoning.

Chris Taylor, a Tampa native, took his best bud “OG” to his favourite spot for a Monday run and bit of fun and relaxation.

After spending a few hours frolicking in the waves, Chris started noticing that OG was having stomach issues. By Wednesday, the Labrador became unresponsive and was rushed to the veterinarian. He did not survive.

According to Dr. Katy Meyer, a veterinarian with the Tampa Bay Emergency Veterinary Services, high sodium levels can affect a dog’s brain function, thereby putting their life in danger.

Salt poisoning, otherwise known as Hypernatremia, causes electrolyte levels to drop, causing serious health problems in the process.

It’s important to recognise the symptoms in order to keep your furry friend out of harm’s way. If your dog has stopped drinking water altogether or is consuming copious amounts, chances are, something isn’t quite right with them. Rather be safe than sorry and have them checked out.

Other symptoms include:

  • vomiting
  • lethargic behaviour
  • a decrease in heart rate
  • diarrhea
  • convulsions / seizures

To keep your pooch out of harm’s way, limit beach time to two hours or less, with frequent fresh water stops in between.

In addition, pay attention to what your pet is exposed to and not just at the beach.

Automatic water dispensers can lead to a build-up in sodium, thereby putting your pet at risk. Other causes of salt poisoning include homemade play dough or salt dough ornaments, paint balls, soy sauce and rock salt.


Source: Dogington Post, WagWalkingNapa’s Daily Growl