This cat’s love for peaches is the most adorable thing you’ll see today

With all the bad news being spread all over the Internet, it can sometimes feel as though all hope is lost. But every now and again, a story comes through that warms us from the inside out and brings the fuzzies to real life. This is one such story…

Meet Ozzy, the peach-loving kitty!

Ozzy was introduced to the world by Twitter user Lydia Coutré, who took to the social media app to explain the cat’s inexplicable infatuation with peaches.

According to Lydia, Ozzy doesn’t eat the fuzzy fruits, he just guards them and cuddles with them. And we feel, this is the mot important bit of information that Interwebs will throw your way today!

Ozzy became a viral sensation soon after, with fans requesting follow-up pics and even showing their appreciation through fan art!

Seems like Ozzy isn’t the only one with a weird devotion to peaches…



Source: Thrillist