4 animals predicting FIFA World Cup 2018 outcomes!

Since Paul the Octopus successfully predicted Spain’s win in the 2010 World Cup, sports-fortune-telling animals have become increasingly popular.

This year Achilles, the Russian cat, seems to be the animal oracle to watch. Achilles, who happens to be deaf, resides at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and is taken care of by veterinarian Anna Kondratieva.

“He’s absolutely unbiased – he’s deaf to any comments from the fans so he probably feels with his heart and a special cat sense,” Kondratieva says.

With the FIFA World Cup’s Round of 16 drawing to a close today, let’s see how Achilles and other prognosticators are doing:

Achilles the cat, Russia

Predictions: Russia to beat Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Iran to beat Morocco, Brazil to beat Costa Rica, Nigeria to beat Argentina

Outcomes: Achilles predicted all the games accurately except Nigeria vs. Argentina where Argentina walked away with a 2-1 win. Achilles still has an impressive 80% success rate.

Marcus the pig, England

Predictions: Belgium, Argentina, Nigeria and Uruguay as the teams for the semi-finals. England to beat

Outcomes: Nigeria and Argentina are already knocked-out, making Marcus a little off target, but the “mystic pig” has been successful in predicting all England’s games to thus far.

Datou the dog, Hong Kong

Prediction: Overall victory for Iceland

Outcome: Iceland was knocked out in the group stages.

Zella the elephant, Germany

Predictions: Early exit for Germany and an overall victory for Senegal

Outcomes: Although Zella correctly predicted Germany’s early exit, the elephant overestimated Senegal’s performance this year as they got knocked out in the group stages. Zella also walks away with a 50% success rate.

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