Canine competitors take to the waves in the World Dog Surfing Championships

There are few things as joyful as a dog running wild on a sandy beach… Except, maybe, a dog surfing the waves.

Every year dozens of dogs – and a few thousand spectators – take to the warm waters of California for the World Dog Surfing Championships, a competition that sees canines proving their prowess amid sun and surfboards.

Dog surfing in relatively new, with the first event of this kind being held in 2005. It has, however, grown exponentially since then and now has competitions taking place in Hawaii, Florida and Australia.

Dogs are invited to compete solo or in tandem, with either a person or another dog to keep them company while they show off their surfing skills.

This year’s event is set to take place in San Francisco in August and is bound to be tons of fun!


Watch the trailer for 2018 World Dog Surfing Championships near San Francisco