This special pooch inspired his brother to learn to stand again

When Gray and Quinn were born two years ago, they seemed like any other healthy Great Dane puppies. It was soon discovered, however, that they suffered from extensive physical ailments due to poor backyard breeding.

My little piggies! 🐽🐽

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The brothers’ mom, Princess, had been bred with her brother and was adopted while pregnant with 10 pups at the tender age of just 11 months.

Four of the 10 puppies, including Gray and Quinn, had difficulty learning how to walk and were later diagnosed with bone deformities, scoliosis and spinal issues, among other things.

It was evident that the dogs would need special care for the rest of their lives and luckily for them, their furever home wasn’t too far off.

Gray being a butt. Quinn being a butt.

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Quinn was later adopted by Alicia Fox, who had found that Quinn was no longer able to walk.

Gray, on the other hand, was adopted by a massage therapist who massaged him back to health and helped him walk again.

Alicia and her husband decided to take over fostering Gray, who immediately encouraged his brother and helped him to stand on his own. “Gray influenced Quinn to walk more because he wanted to follow Gray around,” Fox said.

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With the help of his brother and some physiotherapy, Quinn has been making great strides, and although he may never be able to walk on his own, his life will forever be changed by the generosity of his owners and donors who have donated towards his veterinarian and therapy bills.

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You can help the Foxes continue to pay for their babies’ extensive care by contributing to their GoFundMe page here.