10 reasons why we love cats

In case you didn’t know, August 8 marks World Cat Day. In celebration of the feline buddies that give us all the life we ever needed, we want to tell you just why we think cats are such incredible creatures!

According to PetSecure, over 2 million kitties are being housed in homes all over South Africa – that’s a whole lot of cats loved by a whole bunch of humans. Here are the top 10 reasons why we love cats and why you should love them too:


Cats are weird

While average human behaviour might come across as peculiar, cat behaviour runs in pretty much the same vein – and that is why we connect on such a deep level! While other people might judge you for your odd habits, your cat understands you strange ways and will probs make you feel a lot less weird. It’s a win for everyone!



Variety is the spice of life, right? Well cats are the cumin of the animal kingdom! They come in different shapes and sizes, have different hair types and have more shades than your aunt’s make-up collection. Cats are just as unique as humans are, and with each having their own distinctive personality, you are bound to find the kitty that suits you.


They’re built-in exterminators

Although the thought of your softest family member being a lean, mean killing machine might urk you, cats really are like exterminator which keep homes free of rats and other vermin. Take it as the fee they pay you for living in your house rent-free.


Kitty convos

Each cat has its own meow and each one is unique. The best part about that? Having conversations with your feline friend! Many times, you will say something to your cat and they will reply with a cute little meow. I mean, who doesn’t love that?!



One of the best things on a cold winter’s night is having a furball crawl right into your lap and proceed to give you the most adorable of cuddles. It’s the best feeling in the world and also equips you with your own living heater. It’s lit!


Cats are softies

Despite their sometimes tough demeanour and seemingly stubborn ways, cats are natural softies at heart. They love to snuggle and play and generally enjoy the company of humans. They’re like love in animal form.


They’re self-cleaning

The fact that cats typically don’t need baths already gives them an advantage over other pets. Cats are designed to keep themselves clean – they do a pretty good job of it and generally make life a lot easier for the humans that care for them.



If there was ever an award for cutest creatures on earth, we’re pretty sure that kittens would win, hands down! These little floofs make the most adorable sounds and will most likely claim you on sight because they’re just loveable like that. Basically, they’re the best children to have.


Kitty paws

They’re small, extremely cute and look kind of like jelly beans that have been placed in a weird pattern. Also, when cats kneed their humans, it’s like the most tearfully joyful moment in life! Kitty paws are adorbzies and that’s why we love them!



Known to be one of the most soothing sounds in nature, cat purrs radiate from kitties like little built-in engines and have the ability to calm even the most stressed of minds. Purrs also indicate affection, which usually is your cat’s way of showing that they love you – how precious!


Happy World Cat Day everyone!


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