Find a doggy daycare in Cape Town and Johannesburg

Leaving your dog all alone at home while you are at a work can be a source of anxiety for any pet-owner. Will they be getting the necessary exercise? Will my house or garden be a mess when I get home? Well, we have an answer for you – doggy daycare.

Doggy daycare does not only give your pet some place to hang out during the day, but vital exercise allows them to learn, socialize, get along with other dogs. They also get meals and take part in constructive activities, thereby making sure they are well rested by the time they get home.

Here are 5 doggy daycares that you can check out in Johnnesburg and Cape Town:


1. Happy Tails Doggy Daycare (Fourways and Bryanston) – At Happy Tails your dogs receive personalised care to cater to their unique needs. The exclusive facility offers your pooch a safe environment, other dogs to play with, all while in the care of professionals.

2. Paws Resort (MidRand) – While you work, Paws Resort takes care of your pets in a comfortable and fun environment filled with games, toys and cuddles. They also allow your dog to socialise with other dogs.

3. Fluffs-n-Tufts (Bryanston) – Fluffs-n-Tufts allow your dogs to be free from the confines of your home by getting them to play freely with other dogs in the secure garden while they are being cared for by a qualified staff.

4. Dogs to Heal (Highlands North) – Whether you want your dog to undergo some training or if you just want them to have fun during the door, Dogs to Heal has both, including spending time with other dogs and with the human caregivers. They even send you text messages and pictures to ease your mind as to how your pooch is doing.

5. Sandton Doggy Daycare (Bryanston and Kyalami) – Sandton Doggy Daycare keeps your dogs in good hands as they give them exercise, stimulation, interaction and rest. They have well-trained staff, and give your dogs all the necessary attention they need.

Cape Town

1. Proud Hounds Doggie Daycare (Gardens) – Owned and run by Kristin van der Hoven, Proud Hounds is an holistic activity-based centre where dogs are supervised at all times and enjoy a structured day filled with walks, playing and rest.

2. Puppylove Daycare (Durbanville and Tableview) – Puppylove Daycare aims to allow your dog to socialize and exercise while you are at work, believing that dogs that play in a pack are more obedient and relaxed in the home environment.

3. Canine Creche (Plattekloof) – The all-inclusive (despite breed , age and energy-life) Canine Creche promises to give your dog individual care, attention and exercise, keeping them well entertained while you are slaving away at work.

4. Puppy Ripples (Table View) – Puppy Ripples intends to give your dog optimum social interaction – with activities that include throwing balls, tug of war, digging in the sand pits, belly rubs, and doggy splash pools.

5. Little Paws Doggy Daycare (Bothasig) – Is your pup suffering with separation anxiety? Little Paws is a great place to start to get your dog socializing with other pups as well as spending time outdoors, lunch and a nap.

Let your dog make some friends and have a fun day, while they are being taken care for you.

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