French Bulldog helps kids with facial differences

Lentil Bean is a french bulldog who was born with a severe cleft nose, lip and palate. He was taken into rescue at just 2 days old, and tube fed for 4 months until he was old enough to have his palate repaired. The general public loves Lentil for ...
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The trouble with ‘The Dog Whisperer’

Canine behaviourist, Taryn Blyth, has some strong opinions about Cesar Millan, the self-professed “Dog Whisperer”. Practices such as physically confronting aggressive dogs and using choke collars for fearful dogs are outrageous by even the mos ...
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More weird things dogs do

Caught your dog doing the naughty with one of his toys? Don’t worry, there’s a simple explanation for his behaviour. Q: Why do some dogs hump their toys? A: Mostly because it feels good, but also jus ...
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