Watch the extraordinary story of two people who decided to clone their beloved dog Dylan.

Laura and Richard from the UK lost Dylan in 2015 when the eight-year-old boxer suffered a seizure.’I’d always loved animals, but Dylan was my first dog. I was 20 when I got him as a 12-week-old puppy. He was my whole world. We were best friends. He even slept on my bed. If anything, I loved him too much,’ said Laura.

It was then that they decided to take a chance and send his cells to the Sooam Biotech lab in South Korea for cloning. “When Richard suggested cloning, I instantly said it was too much money,” said Laura, for Richard, he says cloning was all about ‘keeping hope alive for Laura. We didn’t first plan on immediately using the cells to clone the dogs. We were simply going to keep them frozen so she knew she had the chance to clone them in the future.’

£67,000 (approximately R1 132 705 at today’s exchange rate) and thirty-one days after receiving the DNA samples, Sooam Biotech was able to confirm TWO pregnancies to Laura and Richard, who named the puppies Chance and Shadow.

Would you clone your pet?


Buzzfeed, Dailymail