Black cats are no longer the spookiest felines around. That honour  goes to the Lykoi cat, a new breed whose patchy fur and colouring have earned them the title of ‘werewolf cat’.

Not only to they look like werewolves, they apparently behave like dogs too. According to ABC News, they wag their tails, can track scents and will even play fetch. All this combined with a flurry of pictures and videos all over over Facebook and Twitter, have made Lykoi cats the must have pet of the season – but they don’t come cheap.

Huffington Post reports that buying one of these cats will set you back between $1 500 – $2 500 ( R21 504 – R 35 841) depending on the type of cat you buy. There are even breeders who only breed Lykoi cats and there is a waiting list to get one.

According to the The International Cat Association these unusual looking cats first came about in 2011. They are the result of  natural mutations in domestic shorthair cats and originated in wild cat populations. When they are born, the have a full fur coat, but as they grow older they lose some fur which is what gives them the patchy pattern. They also have little to no hair around their eyes, nose and mouth.

Some people are concerned they their hair loss is a result of being sick, but Dr. Johnny Gobble, the original breeder of Lykoi cats say that they are perfectly healthy.

Source: WPIX News

Image: Instagram