Do you get bulldozed by Rover at feeding time? Or he cuts you off every time you head for the door? It’s time to teach him the very useful “wait” command.

The easiest way to teach this to your dog is to get him to sit and wait for his food, explains animal behaviourist Scotty Valadao. Here’s what to do:

Have the dog sit in front of you and keep the food bowl in your hand. Hold out your hand in front of the dog’s nose and say “Wait”. Keep your hand outstretched and repeat the cue while you slowly lower the bowl to the floor. If the dog moves in any way, quickly lift the bowl up to the starting position, tell the dog to sit and repeat. As the bowl gets to the floor, wait a few seconds with hand in policeman position and then tell the dog to “Get it”.

“This really is the easiest way to teach a dog as he is rewarded for waiting by getting at the food,” says Valadao.

Repeat daily, building up the time period to about 30 seconds. When the dog is proficient at this, the “wait” cue can be used at doorways, steps, in and out of the car, and so on.

It’s extremely important to note that when the cue is given in a new location, the owner should reduce the time period to a few seconds and then gradually build it up.

–  Wilma Stassen, Health24

Image: Shutterstock


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