If Fido always stares, yelps or jumps up against you when you are at the dinner table, here’s what you should do: stop feeding them from the table!

“This may sound overly simple, but the most important thing here is management,” says Valadao. “Never feed a dog from the table and the behaviour will soon stop.”

“I was called out to see people a few years ago that had a Rottweiler that had actually gouged holes in the fridge,” tells Valadao. “I told them to stop feeding the dog from the fridge and hey presto, it stopped!”

If the dog comes and sits next to you, say the dog’s name and “away” in a louder-than-normal voice while pointing away with your arm. When the dog moves away, say “good dog” in a quiet voice to show your approval, but don’t encourage the dog to come back.

If he doesn’t budge, stand up without saying a word, take the dog by the collar (still no interaction from the owner) and calmly walk the dog out of the room and then shut the door. Wait 30 seconds and then open the door and allow the dog back in, but still no interaction with the dog. If the dog starts begging again, just repeat the exercise. “One of the worst things you can do to a dog is to ignore it.”

–          Wilma Stassen, Health24, 

Image of dog: Shutterstock


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