Forget the fear of spiders and snakes. Find out what these celebrities are afraid of.


Orlando Bloom is afraid of pigs

Orlando Bloom apparently has Swinophobia: the fear of pigs. When one got loose on the set of his movie Kingdom of Heaven, Bloom allegedly ran away as fast as he could


Tyra Banks is afraid of dolphins

“I’ve been afraid of [them] since I was 8 or 9,” she once told People magazine. “I have dreams that I am in a pool and there are dolphins bumping me and I’m frightened.”


Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies

The actress says she isn’t in the slightest bit afraid of snakes or spiders, but is terrified by butterflies. As a child, she would “climb over” fences and “crawl around” the side of her house to avoid the front gate where butterflies could often be spotted.


Andy Roddick is afraid of rabbits

Roddick allegedly flipped during an Easter Brunch at the St. Regis Hotel because he was petrified of the Easter Bunny. He went as far as to ask that they kept the costumed performer as far away from him as possible.


Adele is afraid of seagulls

In 2008, the singer confessed to Now Magazine that she’s afraid of seagulls. It all started when she was 9. “I was walking down the promenade in Tenby eating [an ice cream], when this huge seagull came down and swiped it off me… I thought it was going to take me away with it.”


– Buzzfeed

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