I have a whippet cross. In about July this year, we had to move out of our beautiful home where she had 3 other doggy companions.I then moved again at the end of August because of issues with the landlord. My doggy is now living with my mother in law because our new home does not allow pets, and we couldn’t find a suitable home for pets in the time we had. In September, I took her for her shots and I was worried about her weight. When she was weighed at the Vet, she had lost close on 3kgs, and her bones were sticking out. The vet said it was because of the stress of moving around so much and that her weight would soon pick up now that she would be in a stable home. I was also told to feed her a better brand of food, so I changed to Vets Choice. The problem is, my doggy is still extremely thin, and my mother in law says she doesn’t always eat. Sometimes I sneak my dog to my house on weekends when the landlord isn’t around, and she eats just fine by me, sometimes begging for seconds (which I give her). She was dewormed at the vet in September. What could be wrong with her that she isn’t picking up the weight and not eating at my Mother in Law’s?

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Cyber Vet answered:
I have had whippets that have had problems gaining weight, they can be very sensitive. It is difficult to say, but it could possibly be a seperation anxiety or stress factor living with your mom away from you as it sounds like she is 'healthy' but thin. What you could try is a higher energy food, I know Vet's Choice has a premium brand for active dogs, repeat the deworming and possibly try some natural calming medications like a pheromone collar or calmeaze tablets. There is always the possibility of an underlying problem, so if she is still losing weight, you would need to take her for a follow up visit that could include blood taking etc.
- Dr. Dorothy Breed