I have a 2 year old Jack Russell who was diagnosed with pancreatitis 6 weeks ago. Since then she has had blood in her stools and the vet has been treating her for colitis. I have also changed her food to hypoallergenic. She is using Zalasopyrin with buscopan and paediatric panado syrup for pain. All seems to be fine for two to three days and then she has a setback and has no appetite and moans. The vet has said the next step is to do a scope and a biopsy. Any advice would be really appreciated.

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Cyber Vet answered:
Pancreatitis is a condition whereby the pancreas becomes severely inflamed and releases enzymes into the surrounding tissue causing damage to itself and the tissue around it. It is an extremely painful process and can sometimes become a chronic problem with it re-occurring. All dogs that have pancreatitis should rather be on low fat diets. Hills makes a low fat intestinal diet which would be an option in your case to help with both the pancreatitis and the colitis. An ultrasound scan of the abdomen would also be a non-invasive technique to look at the pancreas and see if there are still chronic changes present. If nothing is found with the ultrasound then a scope and biopsy is the next step.