Hi, i have a 7 year old Jack Russel girl. She had moles on her feet and legs, one was surgically removed and the others she licked off. I can not get her to stop licking (she took the stitches out herself). The vet gave ointments and if we cover it for a few days, it heals but the minute she gets the plaster off, she goes for it again. She has now started to lick beneath one of the “wounds”. Can it just be a bad habit? She is an only child and gets all the attention, never alone at home.

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Cyber Vet answered:
Your Elizabethan collar seems to be the answer here, if she will allow one. Keep it on till the sutures are out and the wounds are healed completely i.e. around 2 weeks. Some dogs are more compulsive when it comes to licking and it can be very frustrating! A collar is your best bet, and maybe ask your vet for something to calm her down during this time.