I have a spaniel which is almost 4 years and was potty trained. Recently he starting peeing in the house at night. This doesn’t happen every night.
How do I stop this. He grew up with 2 adults in the house and one of the adults he grew up with recently moved out. Could this be the reason for him doing this?

Expert answers

Cyber Vet answered:
A dog that is housetrained and then starts urinating in the house at night, could do so for a variety of reasons, including behavioural and medical reasons. Have him checked out by your vet - a range of conditions including kidney problems, diabetes and incontinence can be responsible. If it has a behavioural underlying cause, it could indeed be related to any kind of social change such as people or pets moving in or out. Then there is an underlying anxiety and pheromone treatment may assist (Adaptil collar and / or diffuser) but you can also discuss pharmacological treatment with your vet. Do not reprimand or punish the dog as this will exacerbate the problem. Clean up the urine thoroughly with biological soap (e.g. Sunlight) followed by alcohol (e.g. surgical spirits) to remove all traces of urine that may induce him to urinate there again.