Caesar (Rottweiler) is just over 13 months old, I feed Royal Canin large puppy, his water consumption is good and his not suffering from any ailments or breathing difficulties.

Caesar panting too much when sees me, I think he got this breathing pattern from the other dog who breaths like that. How can show him that that sort of breathing doesn’t make him more noticeable and neither is it cute? It’s become a bad habit even if we didn’t run or train?

one last thing, where can I take Caesar for his first swimming lesson in around the JHB area?

Expert answers

Cyber Vet answered:
I don’t think this type of breathing is behavioural, I would recommend a proper check with their vet, panting is done by animals to try and cool themselves down because they cannot sweat. Advise he has a lot of cold, clean water available for his dogs at all time. They can put ice cubes in the water for the dogs and in the shade, make sure there is a larger water bucket or shell type of thing for the dogs to paddle in.

As far as swimming goes I would advise doggy paddle in Fourways.

- Dr Debby Bain