How do I stop my mini daschund from barking too much, she is 41/2 years old

Expert answers

Cyber Vet answered:
Dachshunds are wonderful dogs and they make great companions. Each individual dog have their own personality, but there are some traits that are very common throughout the breed. Dachshunds are known for their bark, whether it be to protect their territory, to show dominance, to greet people or to express their boredom..
Dachshunds were bred to hunt and can therefore be very stubborn. They are very alert and often too quick to bark at every new sound and sight. They are great house dogs, but needs to be walked or exercised daily. (They enjoy a good game of catch!).
This breed needs a lot of attention and companionship. Loneliness can easily lead to excessive barking. With effective training you can teach your dog to bark less. Ask your veterinarian for advice on how to train your dog.