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Scoop it. It’s the right thing to do.

“Poop scooping” is every dog owner’s civic duty. Pet waste isn’t just unsightly, it’s an environmental health hazard.

11 animals before and after they were adopted from shelters

Making the decision to get a pet can be life-changing and the responsibilities that come with that decision, even more so.

12 amazing cats that cost a fortune

Friendly or energetic, furry or hairless, care-free or clingy – cats come in different forms, with each one being as fabulous and unique as the next. With over 250 cat […]

If your cat could talk…

How many times have you wished your kitty could speak? We all talk to our cats, sometimes meowing back at them in reply. As weird as it may seem to […]

10 cats who look like they’re about to drop the hottest albums

Awards season may be over and the winners may be been recognized and adored but these cats are already in beast mode for next year!

Getting a puppy? Be prepared

You have finally decided to take the plunge. You have enough money, your job is secure and your life finally feels on track, and now there is only one thing […]

Olivia Wilde shows off her new pup on Instagram

American actress Olivia Wilde has made a new addition to her family and she has finally revealed her new bundle of joy to the world!

10 natural home remedies for pets

Veterinarian bills do not come cheap and over time, expenses relating to your beloved pet can add up to quite a hefty amount. Fear not pet owners, because your obsession […]

Celebrities and their famous furry friends

The celeb life is one filled with squads and entourages but sometimes their most valued companions are their pets.

Take a look at some of the adorable buddies of our favourite […]

And the world’s ugliest dog is…

It is not a contest anyone would want to win, but Martha, the Neopolitan Mastiff who was named 2017’s World’s Ugliest Dog seemed proud of her achievement, as reported by […]


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