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Pooch etiquette 2: No begging at table

Animal behaviourist Scotty Valadao explains how to train your dog out of the annoying habit of begging at the table.

An infectious smile that is capturing everyone’s heart

Euro is a 5-year old Jack Russell terrier from Thailand, with one very unique feature - her smile!

5 gourmet meals dogs can eat too

Eating the same food every day can get quite boring. If your pet could talk, it would probably say the same thing.

Does my pet have tick bite fever?

Ticks pose as much a risk to our pets as they do to us. While you may not roll in the ground all that often, your dog probably does, increasing their chances of getting bitten.

Best animal “photobombs”

Enjoy a giggle with some of the best all time classic animal photobombs!

Top 5 Highest Earning Animals

Meet the highest paid animals, from a dog named Moose to the real Free Willy. We just hope they didn't spend it all at once.

Dealing with your dog’s car sickness

You may want to take your dog out for car rides but when they end up vomiting all over the backseat of your car, the situation becomes uncomfortable for your dog and frustrating for you.

Pet Poisons: Danger in the garden

Some favourite flowers and prized plants can be your pets' worst enemies. The American SPCA lists hundreds of pet-poisoning plants, including these 10.

What your cat gets up to

'Kitty cams' on roaming cats reveal their impact on local wildlife can be devastating. Is it time to rein them in?

The danger that lurks in cat litter

Protect yourself against toxoplasmosis, a potentially serious infection humans can contract from cat faeces.


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