Bright-eyed, fluffy, and absolutely adorable, what’s not to love about kittens! Not only do they bring love, energy and happiness into our lives, but also teach us to care for someone other than ourselves. However, these little bundles of joy require a lot more than just love and cuddles.

If you are considering adopting a kitten, or are expecting a litter, our handy kitten guide will help you prepare for the special moment.

Am I ready for a kitten?
As great as it is to have a kitten, these little lions require the same amount of energy and care as a human baby. Unlike humans, kittens are only babies for a year, after which they are considered adult cats. It is usually after this time that the novelty of a kitten wears off. Make sure you are ready for the whole journey, from kitten to adult. This is why it is important for you to think about this decision carefully. Why not use Whiskas question list to help you make your decision.

Choosing a kitten
Once you have made your decision it is important to choose a kitten that will settle into your routine and lifestyle. Use the handy Whiskas breed guide to help you choose the perfect kitty.

Preparing for its arrival
Now that you’ve chosen your kitty, it’s time to get ready for its arrival. It is a good idea to keep your kitten in a quiet, warm area for the first few days so he/she can adjust to the new surroundings. We’ve also compiled a list of essentials you will need:
• Soft bedding
• Food – Whiskas® Kitten Dry and Wet food
• Fresh water
• Toys
• Scratching post
• Collar
• Carrier
• Soft grooming brush
• Veterinarian contact info

Making sure your kitten is getting the right nutrition is important for their development and growth. Although your little lion is still in the weaning process up to eight weeks, you can start feeding him/her small portions of wet food such as Whiskas Kitten Pouches.

Your kitten should be fully weaned around six to eight weeks and is now ready for dry food. It’s a good idea to feed your kitten small meals at regular intervals, starting off with small portions, and gradually increasing the amount, as they need time to adjust to the texture and smell. Once your kitty is happy with dry and wet food we suggest feeding your kitten a balance of wet and dry food for optimal health.

Kittens are the embodiment of love and now that you know how to care for your little lion, you can go on to develop a strong bond with your kitten to last for years to come.