Veterinarian bills do not come cheap and over time, expenses relating to your beloved pet can add up to quite a hefty amount. Fear not pet owners, because your obsession with your fur baby does not necessarily have to cost you the world.

The following remedies will allow you the peace of mind to know that you’re in control of your pet’s health, while keeping your carbon footprint down and saving you boatloads in the process.

Keep fleas away with citrus

Make your pet’s fur unsavory by rubbing a small amount of lemon or orange juice on it. Fleas hate the smell and will be sure to stay clear.

Enhance you dog’s collar with rose and geranium

Besides smelling ever so pleasant, rose and geranium essential oils will repel ticks away from your beloved pooch. Just dab a few drops on their collar and they should be good to go! (Not recommended for cats)

Treat their feet

If your pet’s paws seem tender from exploring rough terrain, check their paws and toes. Remove any debris, wash gently and apply moisturizer such as Vaseline to the area. If bleeding, apply antibiotic ointment and bandage gently.

Use chamomile for irritated skin

Chamomile tea is known for it’s healing properties and is safe to use on your pets. Brew some tea, pour it into a spray bottle and apply to raw skin to soothe irritation.

Heal dry skin with Vitamin E

Pamper your pooch by adding Vitamin E oil to dry skin. It will help calm irritation while keeping the skin moisturized.

Make a happy tummy

Just like people, pets on antibiotics may have stomach problems while on treatment. To help them out, mix in a little plain yoghurt with dinner to aid restoration of bacteria in the gut.

Soothe aching eyes

If your pet’s eyes seem irritated or infected, use a warm chamomile tea bag to alleviate the problem.

Use Epsom salts for strains

Suddenly your Grandma’s remedy doesn’t seem like such a bad idea! Add 1/2 cup Epsom salts to a warm bath and let your pup soak for five minutes, twice a day. If you can’t get your dog to sit still, however, you can soak a washcloth in Epsom salts and warm water and apply to the strained area.

Use butter to fight hairballs

While a grooming brush is your cat’s best defense against furballs, a half a teaspoon of butter given to them a for a few days will really go a long way.

Prunes to help digestion

Digestion can become a bit of an issue in older dogs and adding dices prunes to food could go a long way in aiding constipation. Make sure the prunes are pit-free though, as prune pits can be toxic to animals and humans alike.